To: Scott Newman; Naples office
From: Dr Joseph Spano, MD. PA

“…Just a note to thank you for all your help regarding our insurance problem. Your cooperation and your professionalism was remarkable. …How lucky the company is to have you.”

To: Connie Donnelly, Fort Myers office
From: C. J. Aschauer

“I started doing business with Lutgert just a little over a year ago. Prior to that all of our various forms of casualty insurance were with…. Our Lutgert agent, Connie Donnelly, found us a new company, and a good one too, … with equal or better coverage – and with a much lower total cost. Working with Connie has been a delight.”

To: Dian Raguth, Sarasota office
From: Tammy Britt

“Thanks for all your help, especially for being so pleasant. Did not have that with the previous insurance agent or his staff, even after 23 years.”

“Complete trust. Not once, but twice over the past 8 years our agent brought us a substantially lower excess flood quote after we had signed the renewal documents. Both times it was $15-$20,000 difference in premium. That is someone working in our best interests.”…High Rise Manager

“Lutgert’s construction knowledge and willingness to dig in saved us almost $15,000 on our NFIP flood premium. We have been with them for 6 years now. That’s real money.”…Treasurer/Board Member

“They are very responsive. If I have a question about anything in the condo insurance area, they always respond quickly and with well researched, understandable answers. That matters to me when I have to respond to owners about our insurance decisions.”…Insurance Committee Member