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Now is the time to plan ahead for what you may need to stay safe, healthy, informed, mobile and independent during a disaster-especially if you or someone close to you has a disability or other access or functional needs. Remember that in a disaster, you may be required to shelter at home or evacuate to an emergency shelter or other form of temporary housing… Continue Reading

Storm SmartOn May 29th, Robert Ryan and Daniel Bell, from our Fort Myers office attended an event at Storm Smart. Gov. Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera were present to congratulate Brian Rist CEO/Owner of Storm Smart for the expansion of his business and the hiring of more than 40 new employees this past year. Congratulations to Brian Rist at Storm Smart!

Betty 2

Please join me in congratulating Betty Curry, who was recognized as the 2014 VIP of the Year by the Insurance Professionals of Collier County.

The VIP of the Year is an insurance Professional who has made a significant contribution to the organization, the insurance industry, and to the community. We are very proud of Betty and consider this a great accomplishment for her as she begins her retirement and new life journey.

In late 2013, Target, the large American retailer, was the victim of a massive data breach that affected as many as 110 million customers. Cyber attackers installed malicious software on point-of-sale devices at Target stores and were able to steal the financial information of 40 million customers and the personal information of 70 million. From lawsuits and fines to the costs of offering free credit monitoring and hiring a computer forensics investigator, this breach is massive not only in terms of how many customers it’s affected, but also in terms of how much of a financial hit it will take on Target. Target’s cyber insurance policy will cover some of the monetary damages, but the damage to its reputation and customer loyalty will not be easy to recover. No business is immune to a data breach—not even a nationwide retailer like Target. But your business can survive a data breach if you are prepared to handle it and if you have the proper cyber liability coverage to help you successfully respond to it.

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The Underwriters’ Laboratories, or UL, inspects electric products made in the United States. If a product is proven to be safe from shock and fire, it becomes UL listed. When purchasing indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, you should make sure they are all UL listed and have the tags on the cord to prove it. If not, you could be in danger of shock or a fire.

Indoor Christmas lights will have a green UL listed tag, or a silver tag with the “UL” written in green. Outdoor Christmas lights will have the UL listed tag in red, or silver with red writing. Outdoor Christmas lights are also safe for indoor use. If you use indoor Christmas lights outdoors, they will not be as resistant to any moisture. Moisture could cause an electric short and your lights could be damaged. If an indoor light goes out, usually the rest of the lights will go out as well, making outdoor repairs difficult.