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Windstorm Insurance

Perhaps the most important component of property coverage in Southwest Florida is Windstorm Coverage. Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, windstorm damage has been the most challenging and expensive risk to properly insure. Lutgert Insurance is proud to represent the major companies that are still willing to provide this vital coverage as part of their programs. In addition, we represent Citizen’s Property Insurance Company, and other companies specializing in providing personal windstorm coverage. When it comes to property coverage of all types in Southwest Florida, no one does it better than Lutgert Insurance.

Windstorm insurance coverage provides protection against damage done to property by unusually high winds, cyclones, tornadoes or hurricanes.

Lutgert Insurance is committed to providing professionalism and the finest customer service for any and all insurance needs. Our corporation employs over 85 people with the corporate headquarters in Naples and offices in Ave Maria, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sarasota and Tampa.