Self Insurance

The term “Self Insured” is often mistakenly construed to mean an entity is retaining a large portion of its own risk. In reality, Self Insured Plans cover a broad spectrum of choices, ranging from a large assumption of risk to programs that are virtually indistinguishable from fully insured approaches. Self-Insurance Plans, particularly in the area of Group Health, can be a tremendous benefit to companies with 25 or more employees. These plans allow for great flexibility in benefits, up to date ERISA compliance, broad networks and the opportunity for substantial savings to the employer. Lutgert Insurance offers a wide choice of programs through Third Party Administrators or Direct Contracting. These advantages are supported by the same high quality Group Health customer service provided to other Lutgert Insurance clients. For larger companies, self-insured Workers Compensation plans are also available. Call a Lutgert Insurance Commercial Agent today for more information.

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