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Construction Division

Lutgert Insurance has a dedicated construction division capable of handling construction accounts of all types and sizes. From the largest developers and general contractors to the smallest independent subcontractors and artisan trades, we provide superior construction risk management and insurance services from pre-development all the way through final completion and beyond.

Initial Risk Assessments: Exposure vs. Coverage

Frequently reviewing and comparing the exposures of your operations to the insurance coverage and/or other risk transfer mechanisms in place is a key element of a successful insurance and risk management program. We take the time to perform routine risk assessments with our clients to ensure adequate coverage is in place to meet the ever changing needs.

Contract/Agreement Review:

Knowing and understanding all the contractual obligations of your business is another key element of success. This is an integral part of establishing a solid insurance program and ensuring you the right level of protection to match your risk tolerance. The construction industry is constantly changing – is your insurance program changing along with it? We pride ourselves on proactively keeping our clients advised of these changes and offering immediate solutions.

Workers Compensation:

Workers compensation is an important part of any businesses operations, and even more so within the construction industry. Our pro-active approach to helping you manage your safety and loss control, which ultimately reduces your total cost of risk, is quite successful for our clients. We have many markets offering coverage for subcontractors, general contractors and developers of all sizes. Our loss control services are an integral part of your workers compensation insurance programs and we offer this service at NO COST.

Dedicated General Liability Programs

There are several general liability products available today to meet the needs of construction and development projects of all types and sizes.
Wrap-up programs offer a unique approach to procuring job-specific liability coverage to protect the owner(s), general contractors and subcontractors on the job. Lutgert Insurance has a dedicated construction unit that specializes in these types of programs and manages them in-house. We can offer many kinds of liability programs such as:

  • OCIP is an Owner Controlled Insurance Program whereby the Owner/Developer purchases coverage for the project and includes coverage for all interested parties.
  • CCIP is a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program whereby the General Contractor purchases coverage for the project and includes coverage for the Owner/Developer/Lender/Investor. Establishing an OCIP or a CCIP on your construction projects ultimately provides a higher level of protection and includes coverage for the Owner/Investors/Lenders, General Contractors and Subcontractors working on site.
  • Project Specific General Liability covering the Owner/Developer and General Contractor.

These types of general and excess liability programs should be explored for projects valued at $15 million or more. For larger projects, $100 million or more, a full wrap program should be explored. A full wrap program includes general liability, excess liability and workers compensation. The intent of a wrap is to procure the best possible coverage with higher limits and a completed operations extension to cover a period of time after the project is complete, up to 10-years in most cases. This 10-year term ties in with the with Florida Statutes which provides the owner/developer, general contractor(s) and enrolled sub-contractors with assurance that there will be coverage long after the project completes.

We perform free risk analysis to compare traditional insurances to a wrap program in order to provides both a coverage and cost comparison.

For more information on the various types of dedicated insurance programs, please contact Charity Moser, Director of Construction/Surety at (239) 280-3253 or via e-mail at cmoser@lutgertinsurance.com.

Lutgert Insurance is committed to providing professionalism and the finest customer service for any and all insurance needs. Our corporation employs over 85 people with the corporate headquarters in Naples and offices in Ave Maria, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando.