January 2017

If you are bitten by a spider, NIOSH recommends taking the following steps:

  • Do not panic. If the spider is still nearby, do your best to identify it.
  • Wash the bite area with soap and water.
  • Use an ice pack or cool, damp cloth to help reduce swelling. Keep the bite area elevated.
  • Never try to remove venom.
  • Contact your supervisor.
  • Seek professional medical help.

To help prevent spider bites:

  • Give your work clothes, shoes and equipment a thorough shake before use.
  • If working near undisturbed piles of material outdoors – where spiders are known to reside – wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, as well as gloves and boots.
  • Remove piles of debris from outdoor jobsites, and trim tall grasses.
  • Keep outdoor clothing and equipment tightly sealed in plastic bags.
  • Stay up to date with your tetanus boosters; spider bites can become infected with tetanus spores.

Sourced from the National Safety Council