Responsible Vendor Training – Tips

Responsible vendor training is a program offered to servers at bars and restaurants. Instruction is provided by private vendors who present course materials and encourage good management policy formation. Vendors learn the laws and policies regarding serving underage patrons and serving intoxicated patrons. The effects of the training include fewer underage sales of alcohol, fewer DUI fatalities in states where training is offered, and more successful compliance with state statutes on the part of servers, who are more professional and knowledgeable when serving alcohol to patrons. Vendors who successfully complete training and maintain compliance may receive a reduction in their liability insurance premiums.

Liquor Liability – The following is a list of some of the possible penalties for selling alcohol to an underage person:

  • First offense – $1,000 and 7-day license suspension;
  • Second offense within 3 years – $3,000 and 30-day license suspension;
  • Third offense within 3 years – license revocation.

 Typical course fees for Responsible Vendor (TIPS) training:

1 to 5          $650 flat class rate
5 to 10        $99 per person
11 to 25      $85 per person
25 or more  $75

 The Lutgert Insurance Loss Control Services Department is pleased to offer TIPS training at no additional charge to our valued clients!

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