First Aid Mistakes & the Correct Response

Mistake #1: Putting butter or ice on burns.
Do this instead: You should rinse the area with cool water and cover with a sterile dressing so you don’t damage the skin tissue. If the burn is severe, see a doctor.
Mistake #2: Inducing vomiting with your finger or by taking “syrup of ipecac” when a poisonous substance is swallowed.
Do this instead: Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or your doctor. Inducing vomiting can be even more harmful. Don’t eat or drink anything unless directed by a medical professional.
Mistake #3: Applying heat to a sprain, strain, or fracture.
Do this instead: Put an ice bag on the injury for 20 minutes to reduce swelling, and use a barrier between the ice and skin.
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