What Can We Do To Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders?

clip_image001Warm-Up and stretch. DO NOT immediately move from a sitting or otherwise stiff position to that of lifting or twisting. Your muscles are not prepared for the sudden change in stress and are at increased risk of injury.

• Use proper technique, especially when bending at the hips. Always lift, carry and support with the core: the closer to your waist the better. And ALWAYS lift you’re your legs, not with your lower back.

• IF AT ALL POSSIBLE – ALWAYS LIFT WITH MECHANICAL AID OR AS A TEAM! Use machines or multiple people to lift or manipulate heavy or awkward objects. This will dramatically reduce the impact on each individual and reduce the likelihood of injury.

• Reduce continuous length of activity – switch out or include breaks.

• Change activity to allow for the body to recover in between

• Watch the work pace – WORK SMARTER – NOT HARDER – Find innovative ways to get it done safer and more efficiently.


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